About Canabru

Canabru Coffee was founded in 2013 as an answer to the specialty coffee gap in the Chino Valley and Inland Empire. Initially opened with the idea of offering great coffee to residents of Chino, Chino Hills, and the surrounding areas, it quickly became apparent that Canabru was going to provide more than specialty coffee.

Within months of opening, word started to spread that Canabru was a place of community, a place for gathering, and a place for people to belong. Our exceptional barista team and tasty specialty coffee certainly contributed to our growth, along with our hip environment, and 2014 welcomed full tables and sold out fudge.

Our mission:
Make coffee. Serve people.

Our purpose is simple: Make coffee and serve people. While coffee shops have always cared about doing just that, the pursuit of the perfect cup has caused the speciality coffee world to lose some of the art of serving people. Here at Canabru, we endeavor to prove our guests with something that satisfies both the craving for a great drink and the desire to belong. By focusing on our people (that’s you!), we have created a haven of community and coffee, hand-in-hand, in the Chino Valley.

Whether you are just launching your exploration into the finer nuances of specialty coffee or you have kept up with the ever-expanding industry for years (or even decades), you are welcome here in the Canabru community. Canabru is a place where people from all walks of life can gather to enjoy coffee and each other.

About Our Coffee

The specialty coffee community is small but vast, extending into the far corners of the world. Canabru strives to provide you with specialty coffee from the best roasters around the globe through rotating our coffee selection on a monthly basis. By doing this, we’ll introduce you to our friends in the coffee world who are doing great things and keep things new and fresh. As one of select multi-roasters in Southern California, we provide guests delicious drinks from filter coffee to espresso.

Check out our current roasts, or use our contact page to request a new roast!

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